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The onlyactive learningplatform on Zapier

Easily connect Humanloop's Zapier integration to over 3000 apps including Zendesk, Intercom, Google Mail, Google Sheets, TypeForm, Word, Excel, Slack, and Hubspot.

The fastest way to add machine learning to the apps you use

Humanloop can get to the same level of accuracy as traditional supervised learning with only 10% of the labelling requirements. Humanloop uses your people only for tasks your model needs a human decision for, builds your model faster and gives you more accurate results.

Humanloop Zapier integration

Build active learning integrations in minutes

Apply cutting-edge AI using the Humanloop platform to over 3,000 apps using Zapier including Zendesk, Google Mail, TypeForm, Slack, Office 365, Hubspot, and more to create custom, automated workflows.

Humanloop Zapier integration

Create Humanloop integrations with the apps you already use

Humanloop's Zapier integration allows you to integrate active learning into more than 3000 apps.

Classify incoming tweets

Use machine learning to send customer service issues to the right staff and retweet praise.

Analyse Typeform Responses

Ask open ended questions and pull insights from unstructured survey responses.

Get notifications in Slack when specific events occur

Scan arbitrary data sources and have your model send updates in Slack.

Extract meaning from Word documents

Scan Word documents for specific named entities like organisations, people, and places.

Use machine learning in Excel

Get predictions when new data is added, right in the spreadsheet it came from.

Moderate online communities

Flag objectionable content right from social apps.

Handle shared email inboxes

Let the right staff handle each customer request.

Stay on top of your data

Use any app with Humanloop and Zapier filters to extract what you consider important and get notified the way you want.

People working on laptops

Valuable Metrics

You have better things to do than label data

Active Learning means your staff spend their time working, not training a model. Humanloop only contacts a person when a human decision is needed, and the ML model gets updated right away so you can use the results.

90%Reduction in labelling requirements to get to the same level of accuracy as traditional supervised learning.

5000Pre-trained models via HuggingFace to start your labelling tasks (coming soon).

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